Central Lighting Inverter Selection Tool

Use this handy "selection tool" to determine the basic central lighting inverter needed for your project.

Use of this selection tool assumes you know the maximum current draw (inrush) at start-up of your total connected load. That would include the nameplate maximum amp draw of motors, fans, etc and/or the maximum inrush current of lighting fixture ballasts (energy efficient and power-factor corrected), etc. Failure to size the inverter properly will result in an overload and lighting interruption.

Once you’ve selected the basic model based on the maximum current draw (inrush) of the total load, you may elect to add available options. For available options and accessories, refer to your local Hubbell Lighting, Inc. Sales Representative, the Hubbell Lighting, Inc. Product Selection Guide, your local authorized Electrical Distributor or contact the factory for assistance.

Safety and Simplicity

Dual-Lite’s line of central lighting inverters provides interruption-free power to all connected loads during emergency conditions. That includes internal path of egress lighting and outdoor lighting to the “Public Way”…whether that means 10 feet from the building or 100 feet. “No break” switching between utility and inverter power means the lights stay on, especially important when HID lighting is in use. Since the central lighting inverter connects to the existing electrical supply and uses new or existing task and convenience lighting, no secondary back up power or lighting equipment is required.

Synchron AC Inverter Power System 400VA/Watts to 2100 VA/Watts Indoor Use, Single-Phase

Clean and Green

By supplying emergency power to the same fixtures used for interior task and convenience lighting, or exterior building lighting, pathway marking or parking lot illumination, Dual-Lite’s central lighting inverter eliminates the need for separate wall-mounted emergency lighting unit equipment, maintaining the integrity of the building architect’s interior design plan. A centralized emergency power supply also eliminates the monthly “push to test” requirement of individual emergency lighting units, saving maintenance work hours. The “off-line” design provides up to a 98% efficiency rating, reducing operating costs.

LSN Life Safety Network 1.0 KVA to 17.5 KVA Indoor Use, Single-Phase

More Electrical Efficiency When You Need It

For the same power range, three-phase power is generally up to 150% more efficient than single-phase and requires conductors only 75% as large as single-phase. It makes sense to use three-phase power and inverters for large projects. Trident® series three-phase inverters are on-line/double conversion systems, providing continuous, clean, regulated power to the connected load and are available in 3-wire and 4-wire input configuration. The Trident TRX series’ quiet operation, small footprint and lightweight design is perfect for installation in computer rooms, yet is rugged enough for factory floors or maintenance rooms. The Trident TRN series is a rugged, reliable emergency power central lighting inverter system with true sinusoidal waveform output and field-proven reliability. Precisely controlled system output is suitable for any lighting or critical life safety load up to the full rated output capacity.

Trident® series inverters 10KVA through 130 KVA Indoor Use, Three-Phase


Dual-Lite central lighting inverters are UL listed to the emergency lighting standard, providing a minimum of 90 minutes of emergency power to all connected loads. All central lighting inverters meet or exceed the requirements of NFPA Standard 70 (National Electrical Code 2005 edition) and NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code).